One Week To The Draft!

June 10, 2012 11:00 PM EST

Hello, sports fans, and welcome to the final week leading up to the draft of the Fantasy Bishball season!  A few housekeeping notes for everyone involved.

There will be eight teams competing this season!  Down from last year, but no matter.

Returning from Season 1 are The Crusading Croziers, The Heresy Hunters, The Duquense Fighting Saints, The Mighty Mitres, The Zealous Zucchettos and The Vicious Vicars.  New this season are The Rocky Mountain Hierarchs (managed by Gregg), and a currently-unnamed-team, managed by Archdeaconsmiter.  So welcome, new guys!

The league will still be comprised of two conferences – the Eastern and the Western.  Eastern teams are the Croziers, the Fighting Saints, the Vicars and the Zucchettos.  The Western Conference will be the Hunter, the Mitres, the Hierarchs and the currently-unnamed-team.  Unless of course the currently-unnamed team is somewhat eastern (based on its manager’s physical location), in which case the Vicars will go back to the Western Conference (the manager is currently living in Michigan, but he was in Alaska.  So we’ll see).

What still needs to happen, is for returning teams to announce which player from last year they will be keeping for Season II.  Leave your choice in the combox so that all the other managers know who will NOT be available for the draft.  The Croziers will be retaining Bishop Coyne (Auxiliary Bishop from Indianapolis).  Please do this as soon as you can so that the other managers can begin formulating their mock draft lists.  Thanks!

Also, before the end of the week, I will be posting the draft order.  Now – returning managers will not have any first round selections – the new managers will have the only picks.  Rounds 2-4 will include all managers – I basically pull names out of a bag, the first name drawn gets the first pick, the second one the next pick, and so on.  Since Season 1 didn’t officially conclude, I can’t order the picks from worst to best (like they do in pro sports, at least for the first round or so), so it’s going to be random.

As soon as the currently-unnamed-team comes up with a name for their team, I can work on the season schedule.  With eight teams, four in each conference, I have two ideas on how to schedule.  One, play each team twice during the season, which comes to a 14 week season; or two, play each team in your own conference 3 times, and each team in the other conference one time, which comes to a 13 week season.  Tell me what you think – a *slightly* longer season to compete against everyone twice, or a *slightly* shorter season to play your immediate rivals more often, which would mean more competitive play within your own division?  I’m leaning towards the 13 week season.  Your thoughts?

If you haven’t already, remember to add this blog to your reader, or ‘follow’ the blog, so that you won’t miss any of the posts – especially once the season starts.  It’ll be fun to see what the other teams are doing, as well as reading about what other bishops are saying and doing.

And finally – if you haven’t accepted the invitation to publish here at the blog, please do so!  You won’t be able to publish your scoring posts without the permission!


5 comments on “One Week To The Draft!

  1. Archdeaconsmiter says:

    I’m west of the Mississippi, so probably ought to remain in the Western conference. As to the name for my new team, since pithy alliteration is requisite, but humility is ever the root of all virtue, I shall eschew the privileges of exalted rank by choosing the “Almighty Acolytes.”

  2. Gregg the Obscure says:

    Why do you smite the archdeacon? 😉

    I see the fightin’ saints have reverted from Dubuque to their erstwhile Duquesne location too. Might a move to Des Moines be in their future?

  3. Gregg the Obscure says:

    I’ll vote for a lucky 13-game sked.

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