League Notes

The FBL Commissioner’s Office regretfully reports that two teams have notified the commissioner, that due to extenuating circumstances, they will be unable to participate in the upcoming season.  The teams – the Dubuque Fighting Saints and the Vicious Vicars – will not be fielding teams, and their rosters are declared empty.

So, the FBL will be comprised of six teams, still in two conferences.  In the Eastern Conference are The Crusading Croziers, The Zealous Zucchettos and The Almighty Acolytes.  The Western Conference is comprised of The Heresy Hunters, The Mighty Mitres and The Rocky Mountain Hierarchs.

As of today, two teams – the Croziers and the Hunters – have declared their protected players from last year’s teams:  Bishop Coyne and Archbishop Slattery.  The Mighty Mitres and Zealous Zucchettos have yet to announce their protected players – please do so before Saturday.

In addition, the managers for the Hunters and the Acolytes have yet to accept the invitations to publish at the blog.  Please do so before Saturday.

The FBL Scheduling Office will publish the season’s schedule published on Friday June 8. Due to the fewer number of teams, the league will last twelve weeks (3 games against each team within the conference; 2 games against each team in the opposing conference).

That is all!


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