The Schedule

I see that most of the managers have published some test posts – so far so good!  There was even some smack getting thrown down.  Excellent!

Below is the schedule.  The season will last thirteen weeks, with 12 games being played.

Because there are only 6 teams, with 3 teams in each division, the scheduling was a little bit more convoluted than if there were eight teams, but no matter.  The way I broke it down is that each team will play their conference opponents three times each, and the three teams in the other conference twice.  That comes to 12 games.  The reason for it taking 13 weeks is that I included “bye” weeks in the middle of the season to accommodate the fact that there are six teams.

The season begins Monday June 11.  “Week One” is from June 11- June 17.  Scoring posts have to be published before noon on the Tuesday following the week of play.  For instance, for Week One that ends June 17, the scoring post has to be up by noon June 19.  Noon is based on the timezone in which you live.  I think that makes it fair (and less confusing for Rebecca, too, by the way.  :-p)

Please note that the teams are given by their abbreviation.

Week One (6/11-6/17)            HH v. MM             ZZ v. CC               RMH v. AA

Week Two (6/18-6/24)          HH v. RMH           ZZ v. AA              MM v. CC

Week Three (6/25-7/1)          MM v. RMH          CC v. AA              HH v. ZZ

Week Four (7/2-7/8)              HH v. CC                MM v. AA           RMH v. ZZ

Week Five (7/9-7/15)             HH v. AA                MM v. ZZ            RMH v. CC

Week Six (7/16-7/22)             MM v. RMH         CC v. AA             HH & ZZ “bye” week

Week Seven  (7/23-7/29)      HH v. MM             ZZ v. CC              AA & RHM “bye” week

Week Eight (7/30-8/5)          HH v. RMH          ZZ v. AA              CC & MM “bye” week

Weeks Nine through Thirteen are a repeat of Weeks One-Five.

Then come the playoffs.  Top two teams in each conference play for the Conference Title during Week 14 (9/10-9/16).  This means that two teams will not be in the playoffs.  The FBL does not operate under the principle that everyone is a winner.  There will be only one winner.  The Conference Title winners play for Fantasy Bishball Championship in Week 15 (9/17-9/23).

Please do me a favor – when you publish your scoring post, indicate somewhere in the post who your opponent is for that week.  It’ll make it easier for the FBL Scoring and Standings Department to update standings and such.  Thank you!

The draft order will be published on Saturday.  If you will be unable to participate in the draft – so far, the Almighty Acolytes manager can’t attend – please ask one of the other managers to be your proxy.  The AA manager has asked me to draft for him, and he sent me his draft order.  Hopefully everyone else will be able to make it.  I’ve got the event set up to launch 11:00 PM Eastern on Sunday.  It shouldn’t take that long – no more than 30 minutes or so.

Good luck!


2 comments on “The Schedule

  1. Adrienne says:

    OH. MY. GOSH! My ADD brain just exploded.

    I’ll have to print this out and give it hubby to interpret for me…


  2. thelarryd says:

    Duchess, it’s easier than you think. You’re tracking your bishops every week except for week 8.

    I bet your husband will want to help anyway. Remember – your team will have 4 bishops, but you can only “play” 3 of them per week.

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