The FBL Season 2 Draft Order

The moment you’ve all been waiting for – The Draft Order.  Four rounds – teams were randomly selected for the six picks in each of the rounds…except for round 1.  The new teams get the only picks in round 1, since the returning teams are starting with one player already.


1.  Almighty Alcolytes

2. Rocky Mountain Hierarchs


1.  Heresy Hunters

2. Zealous Zucchettos

3. Mighty Mitres

4. Crusading Croziers

5. Almighty Acolytes

6. Rocky Mountain Hierarchs


1. Crusading Croziers

2. Heresy Hunters

3. Rocky Mountain Hierarchs

4. Mighty Mitres

5. Almighty Acolytes

6.  Zealous Zucchettos


1. Almighty Acolytes

2. Zealous Zucchettos

3. Rocky Mountain Hierarchs

4. Crusading Croziers

5. Mighty Mitres

6. Heresy Hunters

Get your draft list together if you haven’t already done so.  See you Sunday night!


5 comments on “The FBL Season 2 Draft Order

  1. burmy262 says:

    Well, since we already know who the first pick will be…

  2. Gregg the obscure says:

    I see that Listecki and Coyne are reserved to returning teams, but I haven’t seen who the other two keepers are. Wouldn’t want to attempt an illegal pick. Thanks

  3. thelarryd says:

    Archbishop Slattery is also reserved by the Heresy Hunters. The only team who hasn’t responded yet are the Mighty Mitres, who had Conley, Cordileone and Etienne.

  4. gregg the obscure says:

    Wowsers all those four r rpon my list

  5. Adrienne says:

    Mighty Mitres is keeping Cordileone.

    I couldn’t make up my mind is why the late comment. I apologize and you all have permission to flog me….

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