2012 FBL Draft – The Results

(from AoftheA Sports)

4 Rounds.  6 Teams.  24 Bishops.  1 Season to determine a champion.

The 2012 FBL season is officially underway, as the Season 2 FBL Draft concluded late last night, amid a flurry of high-profile picks, with a smattering of unexpected dark horse selections.

To the surprise of no one, Cardinal Dolan of New York was selected first overall by the Almighty Acolytes, quickly followed by the Rocky Mountain Hierarchs’ choice of Archbishop Chaput with the second pick.  (The returning four teams – Croziers, Mitres, Hunters and Zucchettos – had first-round byes as they each retained one player from the previous season:  respectively, Bishop Coyne; Bishop Cordileone; Archbishop Slattery; and Archbishop Listecki.)

The second round began immediately thereafter, as the Heresy Hunters snatched up Cardinal Burke, followed by Archbishop Gomez (Zealous Zucchettos), Bishop Vasa (Mighty Mitres). Archbishop Carlson (Crusading Croziers), Archbishop Lori (Almighty Acolytes) and taken as the sixth and final pick of the second round, Bishop Aquila (Rocky Mountain Hierarchs).

It didn’t take long for tempers to flare, as the Heresy Hunters’ manager, Rebecca @ Shoved To Them, shot an angry “mom stare” at Crusading Croziers manager LarryD for selecting Archbishop Carlson.  “Let her stew,” LarryD told AoftheA Sports.  “If she wanted him that bad, she should have taken him with her first pick.”

The third round saw another batch of heavy hitters get chosen:  Cardinal Wuerl (Croziers); Bishop Gracida (Hunters); Bishop Sartain (Hierarchs); Bishop Nienstadt (Mitres); Cardinal George (Acolytes); and Bishop Olmsted (Zucchettos).

Were the Acolytes taking a chance on Cardinal George, given that he had submitted his required letter of resignation back in January?  “If the Holy Father was going to accept his resignation, he would have done so long ago,” explained the Acolytes manager, archdeaconsmiter.  “It’s a calculated risk, but I’m confident the Chicago Kid is gonna be playing the full season for us.”

The fourth and final round saw several surprise picks.  The Acolytes started off by taking “the Cowboy bishop”, Bishop Etienne, followed by Bishop Garcia-Siller (Zucchettos); Bishop Morlino (Hierarchs); Bishop Sample (Croziers); Bishop Cary (Mitres) and this year’s “Bishop Irrelevant”, was Bishop O’Connell (Hunters).

“Oh, he’s not irrelevant at all,” Hunters manager Rebecca said.  “Sure, he’s the last bishop taken in the draft, but he’s a heavy-hitting, radio show bishop who preaches it like it’s meant to be preached.  He’s going to be the big surprise of the season.”

Several big-name players were left undrafted, including Cardinal O’Malley, Cardinal DiNardo, Archbishop Aymond and Bishop Nickless.  Given the fewer teams playing this season (six rather than ten), despite the expanded rosters (from three players to four), it was inevitable that some players from the previous season would be sitting out this season.

“I’m a little disappointed, sure,” said Cardinal O’Malley.  “But I’ll use this experience to improve on my blogging and tweeting skills, and become even more vocal so that come next season, it’ll be more difficult for any of the managers to pass on me.”

Below are the final team rosters for the 2012 season:

Almighty Acolytes – Dolan, Lori, George, Etienne

Crusading Croziers – Coyne, Carlson, Wuerl, Sample

Heresy Hunters – Slattery, Burke, Gracida, O’Connell

Mighty Mitres – Cordileone, Vasa, Nienstedt, Cary

Rocky Mountain Hierarchs – Chaput, Aquila, Sartain, Morlino

Zealous Zucchettos – Listecki, Gomez, Olmsted, Garcia-Siller

Las Vegas oddsmakers peg the Crusading Croziers as 3-1 favorites to win the coveted John Cardinal Newmnn Cup this season.


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