Rules Addenda & Clarification

A few clarifications:

1)  You have to choose your line-up at the beginning of each week, not at the end.  This might result in missing out on some possible points if the bishop you have sitting out ends up doing something awesome during his “off-week”, but that’s how it goes in regular Fantasy Football or Fantasy Baseball too.  Keep in mind the rule that bishops can only play for three consecutive weeks and then have to sit out.

2)  Ordination Masses are acceptable as “public appearances” – because as Rebecca put it, it shows that the bishop is doing his job in his diocese.

3)  Retweets are not acceptable (if your player is on Twitter).


Leave comments or email me if you have any other questions.


7 comments on “Rules Addenda & Clarification

  1. Gregg the Obscure says:

    This week’s lineup: Aquila, Sartain and Morlino.

    During the draft last night, auto-correct gave the team a great cheer: Zebra gut!

  2. Archdeaconsmiter says:

    Almighty Acolytes will play Lori, George, and Etienne this week, and sit Dolan.

  3. burmy262 says:

    This week’s lineup is: Gomez, Olmsted, and Garcia-Siller.

  4. Adrienne says:

    Sorry – was off working yesterday. Nienstedt, Vasa Cary,

  5. thelarryd says:

    I’m sitting Wuerl.

    Just so you know, you don’t have to announce your line-ups. We operate on the honor system here in the FBL.

    Mostly. 😉

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