Week One Mighty Mitres w/Update…


Am I actually the first to post?  Be still my beating heart…

Bishop Vasa:

1.   June 15,  National Catholic Register: A super-duper interview with Bishop Vasa  Bishop Robert Vasa reflects on first year shepherding the Diocese of Santa Rosa.

Bishop Nienstedt:

Whoa!  Nienstedt threw the union out! 

1.   June 15:  from the StarTrib in Minneapolis (a commie rag if there ever was one!)

Archdiocese dissolves union at Spirit newspaper

“It’s unfortunate the archbishop [John Nienstedt] has chosen to treat these dedicated workers this way by taking away their collective bargaining rights,” said Mike Bucsko, executive officer of the Minnesota Newspaper Guild Typographical Union, which represents Spirit employees. “It really conflicts with teachings of the church and the papal encyclicals, especially some of the writings of Pope John Paul II … which address the value of labor organizations and collective bargaining in the workplace and unions.”


first reported on June 12 in the StarTrib

2.  Moorhead teacher fired for gay marriage stance

A constitutional amendment on Minnesota’s ballot this fall, strongly backed by the state’s Catholic leaders, asks voters if a ban on gay marriage in state law should be enshrined in the state constitution. The state’s top Catholic, St. Paul-Minneapolis Archbishop John Nienstedt, has instructed Catholic priests that they must not openly dissent from the church’s support for the marriage amendment.

Bishop Cordileone:

1.  June 11, Column in the Catholic Voice:  Catholic education a unique and outstanding achievement

2.  June 13, His statement at the USCCB gathering in Atlanta: From Catholic Culture

“This year is a significant one,” reported Bishop Cordileone. “The recent victory in North Carolina, 61% to 39% in support of the constitutional amendment protecting the definition of marriage, is a great encouragement. Also encouraging is the outstanding number of signatures being collected in Maryland and Washington State to place their respective referendum on the ballot. Both are reporting breaking state records in the amount of signatures collected. The redefinition of marriage in the law is not, and never will be, inevitable.”

“But ongoing vigilance and effort are needed,” he continued. “Maine, Minnesota, Maryland and Washington State are poised to have crucial votes in November. Also, in Illinois, a lawsuit was recently introduced challenging the current law around civil unions as discriminatory and calling for the full redefinition of marriage. The State Attorney General, who is charged to defend the law of the state, is officially supporting the lawsuit.”

“Social science continues to affirm that children thrive and do best with their mother and father in an intact home,” he added. “The protection of marriage as the union of one man and one woman is a work of justice and is foundational to the good of all, especially for those most vulnerable among us, our children. It is the way of true compassion—love in truth and truth in love. Our young people are hungry for this truth and are in a position to witness to it in a uniquely powerful way.”


4 comments on “Week One Mighty Mitres w/Update…

  1. thelarryd says:

    I come up with 7 points, Duchess – 1 for Vasa, 2 for Nienstadt and 4 for Cordileone (speech at USCCB is “public” enough for me).

    Who was your opponent?

  2. Adrienne says:

    According to your schedule it’s HH v. MM first week…

  3. thelarryd says:

    Thanks! It just makes it easier for me if the managers include in the post who their opponent is.

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