Almighty Acolytes, week 1 (6/11-17)

AA (16 total points, not counting the question about Card. George’s #4, below) versus RMH

(Cardinal Dolan sitting)

Archbishop Lori: 8

1. Address to the USCCB on religious freedom (3 pts)

2. Remarks on religious freedom and the Knights of Columbus (and a nice, if restrained, smack-down of a reporter’s idiocy) at the 6/13 afternoon press conference at the USCCB spring meeting (5th item in the list at the link) (3 pts)

3. Letter about the Fortnight for Freedom in the June 14 Catholic Review (1 pt)

4. An interview Q&A in the June 14 Catholic Review (1 pt)

Bishop Etienne: 2

1. blog post on the USCCB meeting (1 pt)

2. blog post on the Solemnity of the Sacred Heart (1 pt)

Cardinal George: 6 (not counting #4)

1. weekly column in the Catholic New World, June 17 (1 pt)

2. spoke at the Religious Liberty Conference of the Archdiocese on June 16 (for the moment all I can find is the PDF flyer; maybe some video or text will be available later this week) (3 pts)

3. Two letters to parishioners in the June 17 bulletin (one on p. 5 at this link, on the Eucharist, part of a series of short letters on the 50th anniversary of the beginning of the Second Vatican Council; the other on p. 6, on the Peter’s Pence collection next weekend) (2 pts)

4. reportage from June 11 of participating in a Taize meeting at DePaul (the meeting no doubt took place before June 11; umpire’s ruling on its inclusion for points in this week?  I can’t recall how this was handled in the past.) (?? pts)

Week 2 will play Dolan, Lori, Etienne, and sit George.


One comment on “Almighty Acolytes, week 1 (6/11-17)

  1. thelarryd says:

    Item #4 under Cdl George doesn’t count (see answer in Zealous Zucchetto’s Week One post for explanation). Good week though!

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