Zealous Zucchettos – Week One

Opponent – The Crusading Croziers
Playing Archbishop Gomez, Bishop Olmsted, and Archbishop Garcia-Siller (sitting Archbishop Listecki)

ARCHBISHOP GOMEZat least 2.75 points, at most 8.75

6/12 – 3 Tweets – 0.75 points

6/15 – Wrote Article on The-Tidings.com1 point

6/17 – YouTube Homily – Eleventh Sunday in Ordinary Time1 point 

Kinda Iffy

Diaconate Ordination (ordination happened June 9, article written June 15 – could be good for 3 points if you say it counts)

Spoke at gathering of seminary teachers (again, spoke June 10, article written June 15)

Archbishop Gomez’s Twitter feed is here.

BISHOP OLMSTED – 6 points at most

Kinda unerperformed this week…if ONLY we’d’ve started a week earlier or a week later…at most, six points.

Kinda Iffy – 

Celebrated annual Cultural Diversity Mass at St. Patrick’s Parish – celebrated June 9, article June 14 (would only be good for three points, and then only if it was “of special significance enough)
Ordained Fr. Dan Vanyo – celebrated June 2, article June 17 (would only be good for three points)

ARCHBISHOP GARCIA-SILLER – at least 2 points, at most 5

Two blog posts2 points

Official statement regarding the Administration’s deferred deportation policyeither 1 or 3 points


So, overall, 19.75 points at most, 4.75 at least – either way, the Croziers win.

Next week, it’ll be Gomez, Olmsted, and Listecki (Garcia-Siller sitting out)


One comment on “Zealous Zucchettos – Week One

  1. thelarryd says:

    5.75 points. As frustrating as it sounds – and this happened to me too – articles about events that happened prior to the week of play are not eligible for scoring.

    I have found it helpful to link to the bishops’ diocesan website calendars – many of them keep their schedules up to date, so even if you can’t find something in print on an event they attended, or ordination they presided at, if you have the calendar linked to, those points would count.

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