Almighty Acolytes, week 2

I have to post my Week 2 scores early because of a conference.  I hope the Zealous Zucchettos don’t take too much advantage of my leaving runs on base…

Playing Dolan, Lori, and Etienne, and sitting George.

Total points: 18.75 20.75 (respectable for a short week)

Cardinal Dolan: 11.75 pts

1. Facebook and Twitter activity, including 3 tweets, 1 homily recording for Fortnight 4 Freedom today (6/22), and 1 centenary anniversary Mass of a parish, Sacred Heart in Newburgh (6/21) – 4.75 pts

2. Column from his blog on 6/19 – 1 pt

3. E-book published, report and link on his blog – 3 pts

4. Appearance at Mt. St. Mary’s College to preside at opening liturgy for a conference on Aquinas and the Mind-Body Problem, 6/21 – 3 pts

Archbishop Lori: 5 pts

1. Fortnight 4 Freedom opening Mass and homily, 6/21 – 1 pt 3pts

2. Op/ed piece in the Washington Post on religious freedom – 1 pt

3. 90th anniversary Mass and dinner at St. Rita’s, Dundalk, 6/17 – 3 pts

Bishop Etienne: 2 pts

1. blog post on NAC reunion – 1 pt

2. blog post on F4F – 1 pt

Next week, playing Dolan, George, and Etienne, and sitting Lori.


One comment on “Almighty Acolytes, week 2

  1. thelarryd says:

    Give yourself 3 points for Lori’s F4F Mass. (I edited the post for you – 20.75 points for the week)

    Enjoy the conference!

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