Week 2 – Crusading Croziers

Week Two opponent:  The Mighty Mitres

Playing Cardinal Wuerl, Bishop Sample, Archbishop Carlson (sitting Bishop Coyne)

Cardinal Wuerl14 points

Thursday 6/21 – blogpost “Our First President, Our First Bishop and Our First Freedom” 1 pt
Thursday 6/21 – interview on EWTN “World Over Live”3 pts
Saturday 6/23 – interview on Breakpoint This Week radio program3 pts
Saturday 6/23 – statement on ordination of priests to The Personal Ordinariate of the Chair of St Peter1 pt
Sunday 6/24 – gave address at “Celebration of Freedom” event 3 pts
Sunday 6/24 – interviewd by MRC TV at “Celebration of Freedom” event – 3 pts

Bishop Sample1.5 points

Friday 6/22 – 1 tweet .25 pts
Saturday 6/23 – pastoral assignment announcements1 pt
Saturday 6/23 – 1 tweet.25 pts

(to read Bishop Sample’s twitter feed – click here)

Archbishop Carlson9.75 points

Thursday 6/21 – column in St Louis Review1 pt
Thursday 6/21 – 3 tweets.75 pts
Thursday 6/21 – participated in Inter-Faith meeting on religious liberty1 pt
Thursday 6/21 – daily prayer at 3 PM on Covenant Radio throughout Fortnight For Freedom1 pt
From the linked article: “Because prayer and fasting are important parts of the campaign, Archbishop Carlson will recite a prayer for religious liberty on Covenant Radio every day at 3 p.m.”
Friday 6/22 – Covenant Radio prayer – 1 pt
Saturday 6/23 – Covenant Radio prayer – 1 pt
Sunday 6/24 – Covenant Radio prayer – 1 pt
Sunday 6/24 – Archbishop Robert J. Carlson will preside at a Mass to mark the 100th anniversary of All Souls Parish in Overland. The Mass will take place at 10:30 a.m. Sunday, June 24, at the parish church, 9550 Tennyson Ave. A reception will follow. 3 pts

(to read Archbishop Carlson’s twitter feed – click here)

Total for Week 1:  25.25 pts

Week 3 match vs The Almighty Acolytes:  Cdl Wuerl; Archbishop Carlson; Bishop Coyne


One comment on “Week 2 – Crusading Croziers

  1. Archdeaconsmiter says:

    Archbishop Garcia-Siller (Zucchettos) and Archbishop Carlson (Croziers) both presented at the conference I attended this week (during Week Three). Wow! Outstanding lectures. Abp Carlson said, “Relativism is a Christological heresy. Denial of objective truth is a denial of the person of Christ. It must be fought just as such heresies were fought in the past.” Outstanding!

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