Zealous Zucchettos – Week 2

Hoping to rebound from last week’s disappointment, the Zealous Zucchettos are back in action.

Playing Gomez, Olmsted, and Listecki this week, sitting Garcia-Siller.

Archbishop Gomez – at LEAST 3 points, possibly 5

Article on First Things kicking off Fortnight for Freedom on 6/21 – 1 point

Published Homily – Nativity of St. John the Baptist – 1 point

As Chairman of the USCCB’s Migration Committee, he made a statement (officially on the USCCB site) encouraging the USA to continue its help towards refugees – 1 point at least (possibly 3)

Bishop Olmsted – 1 point

Appoints Fr. Robert Bolding as St. Mary’s High School’s President-Rector – 1 point

Archbishop Listecki – 7 points (sure didn’t think he’d be our top scorer this week)

Four posts on his blog – 4 points

Celebrated Opening Mass of Fortnight for Freedom – 3 points

At least 11 points, possibly 13…either way, the Almighty Acolytes pick up the W this week.

Next week, we’re playing Gomez, Listecki, and Garcia-Siller, and (as much as it hurts me this week) sitting Olmsted.


One comment on “Zealous Zucchettos – Week 2

  1. thelarryd says:

    On-line statements are 1-point events, so the ZZ Tops (heh!) have 11 points for the week.

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