Scoring Post Amendment

The commissioner of the Scoring Rules Committee has issued an amendment to Scoring Post Rule 6.2, Item IV, subsection 12, paragraph 4(b).

“A manager is permitted to amend a scoring post after publication of said scoring post up until the time the Scoring Rules Committee has published the scores and standings for that week, which is published no later than 3 PM EST, but may be published as soon as 12:00 Noon EST, if all managers have published their scoring posts by that time.”

So if you’ve published your scoring post at 8 AM Monday, for instance, and then later that day something lands in your aggregator or Google news reader, say of an interview or op/ed written by one of your players, that occurred during your scoring week, you can still add it to your score.  No one should be penalized for something out of their control; however, the cutoff for making changes is when the Scores and Standings post is published.

Any questions?  Leave ’em in the combox.


3 comments on “Scoring Post Amendment

  1. Adrienne says:

    Got it! What I hate is when something pops up days later. I’ve had that happen already.

  2. thelarryd says:

    I know the feeling all too well, Duchess.

  3. […] additional clarifications and addenda, click here, here,  and here.  I think that covers everything.  To recap, here are the important dates to […]

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