Almighty Acolytes week 3 (6/25-7/1)

Opponent: Crusading Croziers – Only three weeks into the season, and already it’s a key battle for first in the Eastern Conference!  The heavy bats are swinging wildly in this one!

Playing – Dolan, George, Etienne (sitting Lori) – total 23.25 pts

Cardinal Dolan -8.25 pts

1. Facebook and Twitter feed – 5 tweets (1.25 pts), 1 deacon ordination homily (1 pt), and a few other things duplicated below.

2. Gospel in the Digital Age – 4 blog posts, June 25 to June 28 – 4 pts

3. email interview with random blogger – 1 pt

4. Homily for June 26, St. Jose-Maria Escriva – 1 pt

(And I’m very surprised not to find statements from Thursday’s SCOTUS decision…)

Cardinal George -8 pts

1. Article in archdiocesan paper – 1 pt

2. Article on 50th anniversary of Vatican II, in parish bulletins (scroll down at the link) – 1 pt

3. Apparently sarcastic article claiming the Cubs acquire rights to Card. George as first-baseman… Given the forum here, it’s gotta be worth something! 🙂

4. Lecture at a 3-day conference in Leeds, June 26-28, on New Evangelization – 3 pts

5. Interview (but the link doesn’t provide the video) on Chicago Catholic TV show, “Church, the Cardinal, and You,” to promote the pastoral initiative of the “Year of Sunday Mass,” beginning 7/1 – 3 pts

Bishop Etienne -7 pts

1. Homily video for dedication of newly erected parish, Holy Family, in Thayne, WY, June 25 – 3 pts

2. F4F homily, June 28 – 3 pts (as Larry indicated in last week’s post)

3. Blog post on 125th anniversary of a parish, Holy Spirit in Rock Springs – 1 pt



2 comments on “Almighty Acolytes week 3 (6/25-7/1)

  1. thelarryd says:

    And the Croziers prevail!!

    Quite the high-scoring contest!

  2. thelarryd says:

    I’ll give you a point for it – just for the sheer humor of the piece. The fact I had a comfortable lead had nothing to do with it. Honest!

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