Mighty Mitres – Week 3

Archbishop Nienstedt:

Not sure if this even counts:

ST. PAUL, Minn. (WCCO) – A St. Paul priest has been dismissed from his parish after allegations that he engaged in misconduct involving a minor.

According to Jim Accurso, media and external relations manager for the St. Paul and Minneapolis Archdiocese, Reverend Curtis Wehmeyer was removed by Archbishop John Nienstedt after learning of allegations of misconduct. Wehmeyer was the pastor of Blessed Sacrament parish in east St. Paul.

StarTrib:  Article on the marriage amendment in Minnesota

Twin Cities Roman Catholic Archbishop John Nienstedt warned clergy members there should be no “open dissension” of the church’s backing of the amendment.

Bishop Liam Cary:

Philothea on Phire reports on Bishop Cary’s first Mass at the Cathedral since being made  a bishop.  As part of his homily he brought up the HHS mandate.

Bishop Cary went on to say that religious liberty is currently at stake. The HHS mandate “requires Catholics to ignore the teaching of the Church,” he said. “The Church must publicly go against its own teaching and surrender to the moral decisions of the State.
“The government bureaucracy – the HHS – tells us who we are and can be as Catholics,” he added, “by their definition of  ‘religious institution’.  We cease to be Catholics if we employ or serve more non-Catholics than Catholics.
“We used to ask ‘Are you hungry?’ or ‘Are you sick?’ Now we have to ask ‘Are you Catholic?’ We do these things – feed the hungry and take care of the sick – because we are Catholics…not because they are.”

The bishop also noted that “religious liberty is not a right the government gives us; it is a right the government owes us because it comes from God Himself.” He concluded by encouraging all to deepen our resolve to take steps to make sure that this same freedom is handed on to those who come after us.

How cool is that???

Bishop Vasa:

Press Democrat:  Nuns in county reticent to share views on divide

Bishop Robert Vasa, who in 2011 took over the Santa Rosa Diocese, which reaches from Petaluma to the Oregon border, said last week the assessment focused on the leadership of the group and was not a reflection of all Catholic sisters in the country.

I’ll be back later with my bishop line-up.  It’s only 7:30 in the morning and I’m already behind schedule.  How did that happen???





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