Zealous Zucchettos – Week 3

Opponent – Heresy Hunters
Playing – Gomez, Garcia-Siller, Listecki
Sitting – Olmsted.


6/25 As chairman of the USCCB Committee on Migration, commented on the Supreme Court’s SB1070 ruling – 1 point

7/1 Column in The Tidings – 1 point

Total – 2 points


6/25 Gives message in United Way ad campaign video (his part is from 2:28 to 3:19) – 3 points, maybe?*

6/28 Gives statement in communion w/USCCB expressing concerns about Supreme Court ruling Obamacare constitutional – 1 point

Total – at least 2 points, maybe 4


Three posts on his blog – 3 points

Total – 3 points

So, my total is anywhere from 7 to 9 points-either way, the Heresy Hunters win.

Next week should be better though-even though I’m playing Olmsted, Garcia-Siller, and Listecki (and sitting Gomez) the Closing Mass of the Fortnight for Freedom should MORE than make up for it.

* = I am no fan of United Way either, but sometimes you gotta take points where you can get ’em. 


One comment on “Zealous Zucchettos – Week 3

  1. thelarryd says:

    Archbp Garcia-Siller’s United Way message doesn’t quite qualify as an interview, so it’s a 1-point play.

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