Mighty Mitres – Week 5

vs  Zealous Zucchettos

Bishop Nienstedt:


Bishop Cary:

  CentennialCelebration at St. Patrick’s in Lakeview, OR , July 13, 2012:  Parish Dinner with Bishop Liam Cary, former Priests
and Parishioners begins with a special centennial 5:00 pm Mass

On Sunday he will be doing confirmations (same link)

Bishop Vasa:

Quoted in Seattle Newspaper article:

“As chief shepherd of the Church of Eastern Oregon, I need an assurance that those who serve in official capacities hold interior dispositions consistent with Church teachings,” the Most Rev. Robert Vasa, then-Bishop of the Baker diocese, wrote.

Vasa, a canon lawyer, has now taken a new posting as Bishop of Santa Rosa, Calif.  (Outspoken orthodox bishops have recently been named to the dioceses of Baltimore and Philadelphia — where they are likely soon to be cardinals — and Denver.)

Does a comment on an article count??  (We’re digging deep here. heh)

If so – from National Catholic Distorter:

“Countries such as the United States, Canada, Australia and Germany are among those with the most comprehensive and binding guidelines or norms, but in many cases, those norms came only in the wake of revelations in the media of abuse, the cardinal said.”

Pray tell me in what manner are the US norms “binding” upon Bps Bruskewitz and Vasa? In the case of Vasa, he was promoted from the Baker Diocese to the much larger Santa Rosa Diocese despite his refusal to carry out all of the norms and his refusal to have any portion of the norms audited in the Baker Diocese.


2 comments on “Mighty Mitres – Week 5

  1. thelarryd says:

    Duchess – the NCR article doesn’t count, but you get 4 points for the week (confirmations, unlike ordinations, aren’t point-getters).

  2. thelarryd says:

    I think you should have played Cordileone instead of Cary…

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