Almighty Acolytes week 5 (7/9-7/15)

versus Heresy Hunters

playing at the top of the rotation, Lori, George, Etienne (Dolan sitting)

Total this week – 6 pts

Abp Lori: 1 pt

(Still lots of stuff about receiving the pallium two weeks ago, and about the closing F4F Mass last week…)

1. column in the “Catholic Review” this week – 1 pt

Card. George: 3 pts

(Apparently Cardinal George was on vacation this week…)

1. brief column on 7/9 (also on FB) – 1 pt

2. comments about the “Restless Heart” movie about St. Augustine in a blog interview, 7/10 – 1 pt

3. comments about Catholic Charities joining the HHS lawsuit (I think with the Archdiocese), on 7/10 – 1 pt (more here)

Bp Etienne: 2 pts

1. blog post 7/11 – 1 pt

2. blog post 7/14 – 1 pt

Next week, playing Dolan, George, Etienne (Lori sitting)




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