Almighty Acolytes, week 6 (7/16-7/22)

A rematch with the Cruising Crusaders (Croziers)!  Will the AA’s be able to derail the undefeated juggernaut atop the league?
Playing Dolan, George, Etienne (sitting Lori) – total score, 10 pts


Card. Dolan – 5 pts (while on vacation, I might add…)

1. article on blog about ecclesial mission, July 17 – 1 pt

2. article on CNA about new evangelization, July 19 – 1 pt

3. You-tube advert for Faithful Citizenship on July 16 – 3 pts


Card. George – 1 pt (he’s been in a slump since playing first base for the Cubs back in week 3…)

1. bulletin article from July 22 (PDF, scroll to p. 6) – 1 pt

2. funeral Mass for a Fr. Nallen, July 16.  I’m not claiming any points for this, but I’ll ask you all to pray for the soul of Fr. Nallen.


Bp. Etienne – 4 pts

1. four blog posts this week (16th, 17th, 20th, and 22nd) – 4 pts


Next week, will play Dolan, Lori, Etienne (sitting George).


4 comments on “Almighty Acolytes, week 6 (7/16-7/22)

  1. thelarryd says:

    You’ve pulled off an upset – well played, AA, well played.

  2. thelarryd says:

    By the way, you have an “off” week next week. Back at it for week 8.

  3. Archdeaconsmiter says:

    Seems like everyone’s score is down right now; Etienne’s four-post week was the clincher. Question about the bye week – does the rotation continue to rotate, or is it postponed till the next game week? I.e., after the bye week, will I sit George (rotation 3), or Etienne (rotation 4)?

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