Quick Note About The Bye Weeks

The Rules & Scheduling Committee has determined that manager’s are not required to use the rotation they would have used if there had been no bye week, when you resume play post bye week.  In other words, you have the option to use any rotation you want – even the one you used for the week prior to your bye week.  The same rule applies for the duration of the season afterwards – you cannot field any bishop for more than three successive weeks.

The committee would also like to clarify rotations for the playoffs.  Teams that clinch a playoff position may field any rotation during the playoffs. For instance, if your team advances to the finals, you can play the same rotation that you fielded in the semi-final round.  In other words – play your best team.  Playoffs are entirely different from the regular season in that regard.
Please direct any questions to the combox.


2 comments on “Quick Note About The Bye Weeks

  1. Archdeaconsmiter says:

    Thanks for clarifying, Larry.

  2. […] additional clarifications and addenda, click here, here,  and here.  I think that covers everything.  To recap, here are the important dates to […]

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