Almighty Acolytes week 8 (7/30 – 8/5)

After the restful bye week, we’re back vs. the Zealous Zucchettos, with Dolan, George, and Etienne (sitting Lori).

Total Points: 3.75

(OK, it seems the bye week has messed with all my momentum.)

Cardinal Dolan – 2.75 pts

1. Blog post on 8/1, about the HHS mandate (1 pt)

2. Tagged out in the squeeze play after an ill-timed bunt right down the first-base line… (good thing there’s no negative scores here!)

3. Blog post on 7/30, of a column elsewhere from previous week (1 pt)

4. three tweets (.75 pts)

Cardinal George – 0 pts

1. In pre-game warmup, he’s hitting ’em out of the park (SMACK-DOWN v. Rahm Emanuel, but from 7/29!!)

2. But nothing in the seven innings…

Bishop Etienne – 1 pt

1. Blog post on 7/31, about St. Ignatius


Next week’s line-up is Dolan, Lori, Etienne.




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