Zealous Zucchettos – Week 8

Playing Gomez, Garcia-Siller, and Listecki, sitting Olmsted.

Archbishop Gomez

All eyes were on LA this week, as the Our Lady of Guadalupe Celebration took place at the LA Coliseum, complete with the relic of San Juan Diego’s tilma on display for veneration.  Of course, Archbishop Gomez was there, giving remarks and leading the Rosary…all together, that’s 3 points.  Viva la Virgen de Guadalupe!  QUE VIVA!

Article in The Tidings the previous Friday – 1 point.

Archbishop Garcia-Siller


Archbishop Listecki

Statement in the wake of the Sikh temple shooting in Oak Creek on Sunday – 1 point

Overall, 5 points…on the low side, but-enough to FINALLY get my FIRST WIN!!!! 🙂

Next week, Olmsted, Garcia-Siller, and Listecki, and sit Gomez.


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