Almighty Acolytes, week 9 (8/6-12)

A bruising battle for second place overall, vs. the Rocky Mountain Hierarchs!  Playing Dolan, Lori, Etienne (sitting George).

Total: 16 pts

Cardinal Dolan: 7 pts

1. blog post on 8/6 (1 pt)

2. blog post on 8/9 (1 pt)

3. four tweets (8/6-8/9) (1 pt)

4. Keynote speaker at KofC State Dinner, 130th Convention, on 8/7 (3 pts) (text of address)

5. (short) e-interview, posted on 8/12, as author of e-book on freedom earlier this year (1 pt)

Archbishop Lori: 9 pts

1. interview with Kathryn Jean Lopez, 8/9 (1 pt)

2. homilist for Mass at KofC 130th Convention (3 pts)

3. column in archdiocesan newspaper, 8/9 (1 pt)

4. keynote address to meeting of CA pro-life diocesan directors, 8/6 (3 pts)

5. transcript from radio interview on 8/8 about HHS mandate (1 pt)

Bishop Etienne: 0 pts

1. nothing this week

Next week, playing Dolan, Lori, George (sitting Etienne).



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