Week 9 Mighty Mitres

Heresy Hunters v. Mighty Mitres

Bishop Cordileone: 

1. Radio Program on Aug 8 – KQED’s Forum program

“Marriage is the only institution we have that connects children to their mothers and their fathers. If you believe children need a father, if you believe children need a mother, marriage is the only institution that’s going to connect them to that. I don’t see that as discriminatory toward anyone. It’s not a judgment on how people live their intimate lives. It’s something that benefits everyone to give children this opportunity.

“It really gets down to what your idea of marriage is, doesn’t it? Is marriage about children or not? Is marriage about connecting children to their mothers and fathers? Is that important? If it is, we will be for marriage as it’s always been understood. Anything else…is not marriage: It’s something else, and why do we need to change that definition of marriage in the law?

“How much more will the definition change is another factor. That’s why I say it’s preserving the traditional definition of marriage in the law. So it’s not just a ban on gay marriage, it’s a ban on polygamy, polyandry, and polyamorous relationships.”

2.  Banning of Drag Queens from Church Events:  Okay – this was handed down from the Archdiocese level, but no indication of who actually decided.

This article indicates that it was Cordileone:  Drag Queens Prohibited at Most Holy Redeemer Parish

3.  Bishops Column: News was quite a shock

Bishop Liam Cary

Attended the 50th anniversary Mass for Fairbanks as a “dignitary.” 

That’s it for moi…



One comment on “Week 9 Mighty Mitres

  1. thelarryd says:

    That gives you six points for the week. Now you just have to wait for the Heresy Hunters to post…

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