Almighty Acolytes week 10 (8/13-19)

Facing off against Zealous Zucchettos.

Total score: 9.75 (or 15.75?)

Cardinal Dolan: 8.75 (or 14.75?)

1. 7 tweets (1.75 pts)

2. Blog post on 8/14 about Al Smith dinner (1 pt)

3. Apostolic visitation to Hyde Park – 3 public appearances – Mass at Mariapolis Luminosa Chapel (video at link), a beorscipe with the Bruderhof Community in Rifton, and a visit to youth camp at Camp Veritas (Umpire’s decision: is this 3 pts or 9 pts?)

4. Interview with Dean Koontz on “Conversation with the Cardinal” radio show on Sirius XM 129 (8/14 link in #1 above goes to generic Catholic Channel page; one needs the separate on-line subscription to listen on-line) (3 pts)

Cardinal George: 0 pts

…but I’m sure you’ve heard of his recurrence of cancer, so please pray for him.

Archbishop Lori: 1 pt

1.  article about Vatican II on 8/19 (1 pt)


Next week, playing Lori, George, Etienne (sitting Dolan)



One comment on “Almighty Acolytes week 10 (8/13-19)

  1. thelarryd says:

    You get the 15.75 pts. Good job! Big match-up next week with the Croziers, too!

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