Zealous Zucchettos Week 10

Facing off against the Almighty Acolytes.


Article in the Tidings reflecting on the Assumption – 1 point.

Published Homily on YouTube – 1 point.



Two meet and greets for a local priest and sister, a safe environment training course, a Young Adult Ambassadors Meeting, Theology of the Body Middle School Training, and Level 1 (Spanish) Methods for Catechists – 18 points, I hope (if you’ll accept this link?)


At least 2 points, at most 20…I will leave this at the boss’ mercy to decide.

Next week we play Gomez, Listecki, and Garcia-Siller and sit Olmsted.


2 comments on “Zealous Zucchettos Week 10

  1. thelarryd says:

    I checked the link to the archdiocesan calendar for Garcia-Siller, and it *appears* to me that those are all events scheduled for the parish/archdiocese, but not indicating that the Archbishop attended or spoke at those events. In fact, on the calendar page, there is a drop-down menu, and I chose “Archbishop”, and the calendar came up blank. None of those events earn the Zucchettos any points. Sorry about that.

  2. Archdeaconsmiter says:

    Ooftah! That was a narrow escape for the Acolytes! Without checking the link myself, I was thinking it was going to be called a fair ball.

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