Mighty Mitres Week 11

I’m not sure who I’m pitted against, but I’m quite sure it doesn’t make any difference.

Well, okay then.  Great week!  Is it possible to lose points??


Bishop Cordileone was picked up and charged with DUI on Saturday.  Seriously!  I. could. not. make. this. up!

I’m actually laughing out loud as I report this.  Oh sure, I guess I could have him sit out the week, but it’s just too rich not to share.

Moving on now.

I think all the rest of my bishops are shopping for wine – or something.  They don’t tweet, blog, Facebook,  or apparently do much of anything.  I’m starting to hate them all.

I need counseling…


4 comments on “Mighty Mitres Week 11

  1. thelarryd says:

    Well, you won’t get negative points for that, I promise.

    At least you’ll have this to give you at least one point for this week: http://www.catholicworldreport.com/Blog/1554/archbishopelect_cordileone_it_is_time_for_us_to_dispel_the_myths_about_nfp.aspx

  2. Eva Corsaro says:

    This is by far the funniest post I have read so far & its true. Sad but true.

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