Acolytes week 11 (8/20-26)

Vs. Crusading Croziers

Total score: 26 pts

Archbishop Lori: 8 pts

1. opening Mass, 2012 Archdiocese Catholic Schools Convocation, 8/20 (3 pts)

2. article about Catholic education, 8/23 (1 pt)

3. cross-training – article about ND-Navy angst in Annapolis – no mention of who the Archbishop roots for (0 pts, but some of us a re eager for college football to commence!!!)

4. public TV ad for Archdiocese released 8/20 (1 pt)

5. Red Mass in Dallas, 8/26 (3 pts)

Cardinal George: 11 pts

1. newspaper column 8/26 (1 pt)

2. public press conference re: his cancer news (video), 8/24 (3 pts) – he hopes that if he must have chemo, it might regrow his hair.

3. Vespers (schedule on right side, scroll to 8/23) with OSB sisters in Chicago, 150th anniversary of monastery founding, 8/23 (3 pts)

4. Guest at “Noche de Gala” Hispanic Ministry Awards Banquet, in honor of his 15th anniversary of being named Archbishop of Chicago, 8/24 (also listed at the previous link) (3 pts)

5. facebook post, 8/21 (1 pt)

Bishop Etienne: 7 pts

1. blog post 8/20, about visit to parish previous week (1 pt)

2. blog post 8/20 about St. Bernard (1 pt)

3. blog post 8/21 about a new permanent deacon, including his homily from the Mass (1 pt) – one of 17 deacons ordained this year!

4. Ordination Mass (photos) from 8/21 for permanent diaconate (3 pts)

5. blog post 8/26, about marriage (1 pt)
Next week, playing Dolan, George, Etienne (sitting Lori)



One comment on “Acolytes week 11 (8/20-26)

  1. thelarryd says:

    I may have to do a recount for the Croziers. The Scores & Standings Post isn’t up yet, so…

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