Acolytes week 12 (8/27-9/2)

Playing v. Mighty Miters

Total score: 18.25

Cardinal Dolan: 7.25 pts

1. blog post 8/29 (1 pt)

2. Benediction at RNC, 8/30 (3 pts)

3. Blessing for St. Patrick’s Cathedral construction crew 8/30 (3 pts)

4. 1 tweet, 9/2 (.25 pt)

Cardinal George: 3 pts

1. 125th anniversary Mass for St. Joseph Parish, 8/1 (3 pts)

Bishop Etienne: 8 pts

1. Convocation Mass and homily at Wyoming Catholic College, 8/28 (3 pts)

2. Blog post 8/29 (1 pt)

3. Pastoral visit to Sheridan, WY, 8/29, including Mass, visit to Holy Name grade school, and visit to Habitat site for groundbreaking and blessing (3 pts)

4. Blog post 8/31, about visiting OSB sisters in Dayton (1 pt)


Next week, playing Dolan, Lori, Etienne (sitting George)



One comment on “Acolytes week 12 (8/27-9/2)

  1. […] In order to get credit for the points, managers have to publish a post providing links (when possible – not all FB entries are linkable, for instance) to the original source.  Please keep the links simple – don’t cut and paste entire articles, or post videos (embedding the link is preferable).  It makes it much easier for the the FBL Department of Scoring to review!  Here’s a good example of a scoring post. […]

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