Acolytes, week 13 (9/3 – 9/9)

Vs. Heresy Hunters – they had a great game last week, so this could go either way.

Total Score: 15.75

Cardinal Dolan: 5.75

1. 3 tweets (on 9/4, 9/5, and 9/6) (0.75 pts)

2. Benediction at the DNC, 9/6 (3 pts)

3. Homily from “Labor Mass” on 9/8 (1 pt)

4. Homily from Sunday, 9/9 (1 pt)

Archbishop Lori: 6

1. Announces $100M capital campaign for schools, parishes, and charities, 9/6 (1 pt)

2. Column on the Year of Faith, 9/6 (1 pt)

3. Statement regarding death of Art Modell, 9/6 (1 pt)

4. Benediction and official start of fund-raising “dragon boat races” in Batlimore Harbor, 9/8 (3 pts)

Bishop Etienne: 4

1. 9/7 column about “Thursday Night Life” young adult ministry (1 pt)

2. pastoral visit to St. Anthony’s, Cody, from 9/7-9/9 (3 pts)


Next week’s playoff match-up vs. the Croziers (“the power of the Tweet!”) is already set, I believe.  I’ll be playing this same line-up.  If Bishop Coyne loses his cell phone for a few days, so he can’t post 47 tweets a day, I’ll have a chance.  Is there a prayer to St. Anthony for that? 🙂
PS – How about the “Leonine Lavabo” for our trophy?


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