Almighty Acolytes – Eastern Conference Playoff Round vs. Crusading Crosiers

It’s quite the match-up in the Eastern Conference.  The Acolytes lost to the Croziers in Week Three, but beat them in Week Six and Week Eleven.  Yet the Croziers are favored going into this playoff game because of their extra depth and experience…
Total Score: 18 pts (Will it be enough???)

Cardinal Dolan: 13 pts

1. blog post on education, 9/10 (1 pt)

2. blog post on the Church being timeless, 9/13 (1 pt)

3. public lecture to the John Carroll Society, 9/10, on religious freedom (3 pts)

4. public lecture at CUA on international religious freedom, 9/12 (3 pts)

5. public lecture (panel discussion) at Fordham on humor, joy, and spirituality, 9/14 (3 pts)

6. four tweets this week (1 pt)

7. public statement for USCCB on violence in Lybia, 9/12 (1 pt)

Archbishop Lori: 3 pts

1. pastoral visit to Cristo Rey HS, Fells Point, 9/14 (3 pts)

Bishop Etienne: 2 pts

1. blog post on 9/11, reflecting on Confirmation Mass celebrated on 9/9 during pastoral visit ( 1 pt for the new blog post, the pastoral visit itself was good for 3 pts last week)

2. blog post on 9/12 ( 1 pt)




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