The Conference Championships have concluded!  On to the John Henry Cardinal Newman Cup!
In the Eastern Conference Championship, the Crusading Croziers, led by the ever-tweeting Bishop Coyne of Indianapolis, defeated the Almighty Acolytes, 33.75 to 18.  The Acolytes had beaten the Croziers in two of their three regular season meetings, but they could not generate enough points in the championship match.

The Western Conference Championship was less dramatic, which featured the Rocky Mountain Hierarchs against the heavily favored Heresy Hunters.  However, the Hunters failed to post, forfeiting the game to the Hierarachs, who had amassed 12 points.

So the Newman Cup will pit the Crusading Croziers against the Hierarchs.  The teams faced each other twice during the regular season; in Week Five, the Croziers blanked the Hierarchs, 16.5-0, and in Week Thirteen, the Croziers won a squeaker, 7-3.  But as every manager knows, when playoffs roll around, you have to throw out regular season results, because anything can happen when it’s the last game of the season.

The Newman Cup:  Two teams enter, one team wins.


4 comments on “Playoffs!

  1. Adrienne says:

    The Mighty Mitres have shamefully turned in their jerseys, returned their entire salaries for the season, and flung themselves off of a very high cliff – and we thank them. heh

  2. Archdeaconsmiter says:

    All the non-championship teams are putting their scholas together to sing Dies Irae, in the special Bishball translation:

    “Day of wrath, day that will dissolve the world into burning fandom camps, as David bore witness somewhere in the desert.

    How great a tremor is to be, when the great Umpire is to come, briskly shattering every (playoff record).

    A trumpet sounding an astonishing sound through the dugouts of the ballparks drives all team managers before the throne.

    Death will be stunned and (so) will Nature, when arises the champion responding to the One umpiring.

    The Record Book will be brought forth, in which the whole record (of playing) is contained, whence the teams are to be judged….”

    (and so on.)

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