The John Henry Cardinal Newman Memorial Cup Goes To…


Crusading Croziers 29.25, Rocky Mountain Hierarchs 10

The Crusading Croziers have won the 1st Annual John Henry Cardinal Newman Memorial Cup, defeating the Rocky Mountain Hierarchs, 29.25 to 10.  The Hierarchs reached double-digits for the second time in the playoffs, but it wasn’t enough to overtake the Bishop Coyne-led Croziers.  Bishop Coyne plated 20.25 points on his own, in leading his team to victory in the Championship match.

“I’m proud of the guys,” manager LarryD told AoftheA Sports.  “They fought hard every game of the season, holding off the tough Acolytes every step of the way.  And when it counted most – in the playoffs – they showed what they were made of.”

The Croziers defeated the Acolytes in the Eastern Conference Championship match the previous week, 33.75 to 18, in order to advance to the championship game, while the Hierarchs won their match against the Heresy Hunters by virtue of a forfeit.

“I have to credit Cardinal Wuerl for getting the team rolling right out of the gate,” LarryD said, “by getting us 6.25 points the first two days, with two 3-pt appearances.  That was a big boost.  After that, Bishop Coyne kept the momentum going with multiple point days, through his consistent tweeting on daily Scripture.”

greggtheobscure, manager of the Hierarchs, had nothing but praise for his team.  “We fought hard.  We knew it was going to be a tough match, and the guys left it all out on the field.  They can hold their heads high, cos hey – we were only one of two teams to make it this far.  That’s saying something.  But I gotta hand it to the Croziers – they’re a good team, strong up the middle with a deep bench.”

Now all that remains for the 2012 season are the individual awards – the League MVB (Most Valuable Bishop) and Rookie of the Year.  Nominees for Rookie of the Year are being compiled, while the MVB nominees are Bishop Coyne of the Croziers, Cardinal Dolan of the Acolytes, and Bishop Gracida of the Heresy Hunters.  Manager-voting commences Wednesday September 26, with the results announced no later than Friday, September 28.


4 comments on “The John Henry Cardinal Newman Memorial Cup Goes To…

  1. Adrienne says:


  2. Archdeaconsmiter says:

    All hail the conquering hero! (Memine, mortalis es!)

    Are we supposed to vote in the combox, or privately by email? And can we see a list of which bishops played this year that didn’t play last year, for the Rookie of the Year award?

    • thelarryd says:

      I’ll be putting up a list of rookies tonight or tomorrow AM, along with voting instructions. Voting can be done in the comboxes – unless you want to keep your votes secret from everyone else, you can email them to me. Either way.

  3. […] for me because my team, the Crusading Croziers (led by the awesome Bishop Coyne!), won the coveted John Henry Cardinal Newman Memorial Cup.  I’m going for the […]

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