We Ain’t the Champions

Congrats to the Crusading Croziers on another outstanding week and the coveted (oops, gotta get to Confession!) John Henry Cardinal Newman Memorial Cup! May it be filled with a delightful vintage for LarryD!

Abp. Aquila
Denver Catholic Register article 1 pt;

Abp. Chaput
Address at LA Catholic Prayer Breakfast 3 pts;
Catholic Philly article 1 pt;
Four Facebook hoop-ti-dos 4 pts.

Abp. Morlino

Catholic Herald article 1 pt;

Total: 10 points


2 comments on “We Ain’t the Champions

  1. thelarryd says:

    All the credit goes to the players – they performed beyond expectations, playing an error-free game. Wuerl was outstanding, plating a couple 3-pt appearances. Coyne, as usual, played at a high level. At the end, they were able to give a little more than what they thought they had inside ’em. I’m proud of every single one of ’em. I’m honored to have been their manager.

    Pop the champagne, boys!

  2. thelarryd says:

    Question for ya – why didn’t you include his appearances at the Philly Catholic Conference as well, on Wednesday and Thursday? Just curious.

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