Fantasy Bishball – Season III



1.  Teams are comprised of four (4) bishops.  All North American bishops and cardinals, either active or retired, are eligible for the draft, and do not have to be working in North America.  Pope Francis is obviously ineligible.

2.  A “draft” will be held at 11:00 PM EST Sunday May 5.  This will be held at “Cover It Live” (, which I will set up once the final number of teams is set.  A draft order (determined randomly) will be established and emailed to all the managers ahead of time.  If you cannot be present for the draft, choose a proxy to make your selections.

3.  Returning managers are permitted, but not required, to “protect” one player from last year’s team.  The remaining players must be made available for the draft.  Managers are to submit their protected player selection to the FBL Office via email prior to April 28.  A list of “protected” players will be made available to all the managers so they know who’s unavailable.

4.  Managers are permitted to play only 3 bishops per week.  Individual bishops can play only three consecutive weeks, and must be “benched” the fourth week.  For example, the Crusading Croziers has Bishops A, B, C and D.  The first week, bishops A, B and C play; week two, bishops  A, B and D; the third week, bishops A, C and D.  Then, for week four, it’s bishops B, C and D.  Then back to the first week’s line-up.

5.  The season will run a maximum of 14 weeks, followed by the playoffs.  The season could be shortened (depending on how many teams sign up), but it will not be longer.

6.  A weekly schedule will be developed by the FBL Commissioner and distributed to all managers prior to the start of the season.  This year’s format will repeat last season’s head-to-head competition.  Depending on the number of teams, there may be “bye” weeks where your team is not scheduled to play.

7.  Teams earn two (2) points for a win, zero (0) points for a loss, and each team will earn one (1) point in the event of a tie.  Teams are ranked weekly from highest to lowest points, in addition to Won/Loss record.

8.  [amended 5/7/13] Weeks run from Monday to the following Sunday.  Managers have to have their scoring posts published before 12 Noon of their timezone of the Tuesday after the scoring week concludes. For example, Week 1 starts May 6 and ends May 12, scoring post has to be published before 12:00 Noon May 14.  Managers will be given publishing permissions to this site so that they can publish their own scoring posts.


a) Twitter entry: 1/4 point

b) Blog posts/columns/published homily/Facebook entry/”YouTube homily”:  1 point

c) Public appearance/TV or radio interview/speaker at a conference/publishes a book: 3 points

d) Ex-communication/El Smackdown (such as refusing to give communion to pro-abort politician): 5 points

A few clarifications – for any of the above circumstances to be eligible, the player needs to be demonstrating a charism of his office –  i.e. teaching the faith; defending the faith; etc – ABOVE AND BEYOND his normal duties.  Presiding at a Mass or the Sacrament of Confirmation are ineligbile.  Masses of special significance (including ordinations), however, are eligible.  Attending a parish picnic is ineligible; speaking at a pro-life rally is eligible. Tweeting “I’m at Barnes and Noble” is not eligible, but tweeting about Scripture is.  Also, someone writing an article or post about a player, or merely quoting them, is not eligible either.  If Maureen Dowd of the NYTimes writes a piece criticizing Archbishop Lori, and you have him on your team, that isn’t eligible.  We all know that most people in the secular world hate what our bishops say and teach and stand for.  That means they’re doing their jobs.  So let’s focus on the positive things.

Basically, just exercise common sense when determining what is eligible for scoring; the FBL Department of Scoring is the final arbiter on what is eligible and what is not, and will review all scoring posts.

Also – only the original source counts. For instance, if Cardinal Burke gives a speech at a pro-life conference, and 25 bloggers link to that speech, you don’t get 75 points. You would only get 3 points for the speech itself, and not the additional links. I think that makes sense.  In addition, no double-dipping.  In other words, if Bishop Coyne links his tweets to his Facebook page, and he’s on your team, you don’t get points for both – you can only choose one.

In order to get credit for the points, managers have to publish a post providing links (when possible – not all FB entries are linkable, for instance) to the original source.  Please keep the links simple – don’t cut and paste entire articles, or post videos (embedding the link is preferable).  It makes it much easier for the the FBL Department of Scoring to review!  Here’s a good example of a scoring post.

For additional clarifications and addenda, click here, here,  and here.  I think that covers everything.  To recap, here are the important dates to remember:

Saturday April 27:  final date for managers to sign up (have your team name ready by this date as well)
Thursday May 2: schedule, draft order and link to draft site will be emailed to all managers
Sunday May 5: draft at 11:00 PM EST at Cover It Live
Monday May 6: season starts
Monday August 5: last week of regular season (subject to change depending on number of teams, but the season won’t go beyond this week)
Monday August 12: playoffs begin

If you have any questions, leave them in the combox.