Acolytes – Week 1 (vs. Hierarchs)

This year, I’ll be running this year’s line-up alphabetically, and sitting from the top:

Cardinal Dinardo (sits Week 1)

Bishop Farrell (will sit Week 2)

Archbishop Lori (will sit Week 3)

Archbishop Sartain (will sit Week 4)

Total, Week 1: 18.75 pts

(Cardinal Dinardo, sitting)

Bishop Farrel: 5.75 pts

1. May 6 blog post on Mary (1 pt)

2. May 6 blog post on Bishop Seitz’s appointment to El Paso (1 pt)

3. May 7 blog post on Mother’s Day (1 pt)

4. 11 tweets of substance 5/6 – 5/12 (2.75 pts)

Archbishop Lori: 9 pts

1. May 11 ordination (16 men to permanent diaconate) (3 pts)

2. May 12 commencement, Mount St. Mary’s (3 pts)

3. May 8 Mass for Legatus (3 pts)

Archbishop Sartain: 4 pts

1. May 9 article in diocesan newspaper (1 pt)

2. May 11 commencement at St. Martin’s Univ (3 pts)







2 comments on “Acolytes – Week 1 (vs. Hierarchs)

  1. rocket scientist says:

    Hello Smiter the archdeacon. If I am correct, you are a fellow-follower of the B-Movie Catechism. Great fellowship! We live in Houston. I’m not sure how long the season is, but Cardinal Dinardo is throwing out the opening pitch for Catholic Family Night at the Astros game on September 13th. It should be worth points for REAL Bishball. Ask for a ruling!

    • archdeaconsmiter says:

      Thanks, Rocket Scientist, although we’ll have finished this Bishball season before then. (And, yes, I am that limericking Smiter…)

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