Dubuque Fighting Saints Week 1 (v Heresy Hunters)

BisThis week I ran Bishops Nickless, Morlino & Malloy. I gave Archbishop-elect Jackels the week off as he is getting ready to leave Wichita for Dubuque.

Bishop Nickless – 11 points

5 Facebook posts – 5 points

Jublilarian Mass on 6 May – 3 points

St. Mary’s Church, Willey, consecration of altar, 12 May – 3 points

Source Bishop’s schedule

Bishop Malloy –  12 points

Weekly radio show WROK, 6 May – 3 points

Catholic Women’s League, Installation of Officers, 8 May – 3 points

(Note: These only appear on Bishop’s public schedule & are removed shortly after event)

Bishop’s column, 9 May – 1 point

Daily Top o the Morning reflection for WREX TV (YouTube) – 5 points

Bishop Morlino – 3 points

Stational Mass, St. Patrick Church, Madison, 12 May – 3 points

Total points: 26

For week 2 Bishop Nickless will have the week off.


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