Zucchettos – Week 1 (vs. Croziers)

Another season kicks off-hope this is my brightest yet.

Playing: Dolan, Gomez, O’Connell

Sitting: Listecki

Cardinal Dolan

Three Twitter posts (.75 points)

Helped christen Norwegian Breakaway cruise ship in NYC (3 points)

Wrote preface for Annual Diocesan Compliance Audit with the Charter for the Protection of Children and Young People (1 point)

Closely following case of NJ priest who defied order to stay away from children (Might be anywhere from 0 to 5)

I was ONE DAY short of a possible El Smackdown-the day before the season started, he stated that a bunch of LGBT activists could not enter St. Patrick’s Cathedral under penalty of arrest.

Archbishop Gomez

YouTube homily (1 point)

Guest columnist for Catholic News Agency’s “Bishop’s Corner” (1 point)

Bishop O’Connell
May 13 ordination (13 men to permanent diaconate) (3 points) (Also have the link to the homily, but didn’t count it because of rule against “double-dipping”)

(his prior team said he had a Facebook page, but I can’t find it and they never linked to it)

So we got a first week score of at LEAST 7.75…hope that’ll be enough to hold off the Croziers.


One comment on “Zucchettos – Week 1 (vs. Croziers)

  1. thelarryd says:

    You could ask the Diocese of Trenton if he still has a FB page. Or maybe Rebecca will be nice enough to send you a link…then again, it’s Rebecca we’re talking about. She might withhold info because she’s competitive and wants to win.

    7.75 points. The story about Dolan doesn’t count – but keep on it because he might make a statement on the case sometime in the future.

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