Acolytes, Week 2 (5/13-19), vs. Zucchettos

Playing DiNardo, Lori, Sartain, sitting Farrell

Total: 10 pts

Cardinal DiNardo: 1 pt

1. 5/13 blog post on Fortnight for Freedom (1 pt)

(Argh!  Ordination Mass on 5/18 and he wasn’t there! Auxiliary Bishop Sheltz celebrated – no points)

(And this is outside the week, so no points, but worth noting – TAC is an awesome school.)

Archbishop Lori:  9 pts (pending scoring review)

1. 5/18 Ordination Mass, 6 men to transitional diaconate (3 pts)

2. 5/16 article in Catholic Review (1 pt)

3. 5/14 interview on Fortnight for Freedom (1 pt)

4. 5/16 invocation for Alibi Breakfast before Preakness Stakes (3 pts)

5. 5/14 hosted paired lectures on legal and moral issues with religious liberty at St. Mary’s Seminary (1 pt?)

Archbishop Sartain: 0 pts

Next week vs. Croziers, playing DiNardo, Farrell, Sartain, sitting Lori




2 comments on “Acolytes, Week 2 (5/13-19), vs. Zucchettos

  1. thelarryd says:

    I’ll give you 3 points for the 5/14 event under Archbishop Lori. It was a public event. You get 12 for the week.

  2. Smiter the Archdeacon says:

    Thanks, Larry, every little bit helps! I’m positioning myself for an unexpected run to the Cup… 🙂

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