Dubuque Fighting Saints Week 3 (v Hierarchs)

This week I played Archbishop-elect Jackels, Bishops Nickless & Morlino. Bishop Malloy had the week off.

Next week Bishop Morlino will have the week off. Which of course means this will probably be the week he excommunicates a few Sinsinawa Dominicans.

Archbishop-elect Jackels – 10 points

22 May, Ordination of 1 priest, 2 deacons –  3 points

Interview in the Witness about his time as a Bishop in Wichita –  3 points

Interview in the Witness about his time as a priest –  3 points

Statement about his taking over Archdiocese of DBQ – 1 point

(Note the DBQ Archdiocesan paper does not provide direct links to these stories)

Bishop Nickless – 9 points

3 Facebook posts – 3 points

21 May, Iowa Judicatory Leaders, Newton – 3 points

23 May, Welcome new president of Heelan HS @ reception – 3 points

(Bishop’s schedule)

Statement welcoming Archbishop-elect Jackels to Dubuque in Witness – 1 point

Bishop Morlino – 7 points

23 May Bishop’s column – 1 point

24 May, Ordination of priests for diocese – 3 points 25 May,

Preside at Mass for graduation, St Ambrose Academy – 3 points

(Bishop’s schedule)

Total points – 26

Dubuque is getting excited about the arrival of Archbishop-elect Jackels this week. It will be a busy week for him with all the activities as well as moving & settling in. But as you can see from the picture, 1 thing is sure, Archbishop-elect Jackels is proud to be a part of the home town team.



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