2013 week 3 Rocky Mtn. Hierarchs vs. Dubuque Fighting Saints

Cdl. O’Malley

Statement on Vermont Assisted Suicide Law – 1 point;
Public appearance for the Medeiros Scholarships – 3 points;

Commencement for Theological Institute of the New Evangelization – 3 points;
Priesthood Ordinations on 5/25 – 3 points.

Subtotal – 10 points.

Abp. Aquila

Denver Catholic Register column – 1 point;
Statement on death penalty – 1 point;
Centennial Anniversary Mass for Presentation of Our Lord Parish – 3 points ;
Baccalaureate Mass for Holy Family High School – 3 points;
Subtotal – 8 points.

Bp. Conley

Priesthood ordinations on 5/25 – 3 points;

Diaconate ordinations on 5/24 – 3 points;
Diocesan newspaper column on Pentecost – 1 point;
Diocesan newspaper reflections on first six months in diocese – 1 point;
Statement on Oklahoma tornado – 1 point.
Subtotal – 9 points

Grand total 27 points.

Next week’s lineup v. Zealous Zuchettos: Abp. Chaput, Abp. Aquila, Bp. Conley with Cdl. O’Malley on the bench


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