“Ohfer” Acolytes, Week 3 (5/20-26), vs. Croziers

Playing DiNardo, Farrell, Sartain, sitting Lori.

Total: 10.75 (I do seem to be stuck at 10…)

Cardinal Dinardo: 1 pt

1. 5/21 blog post on the terrible storms last week in OK.

Bishop Farrell: 8.75 pts

1. 5/20 blog post on commencement (1 pt)

2. 5/21 blog post on OK storm (1 pt)

3. 5/24 blog post on BSA decision, solid but well short of the 5-pt smack-down (1 pt)

4. 5/25 blog post on upcoming ordinations (1 pt)

5. Twitter feed – 19 tweets (4.75 pts) (not counting re-tweets from Pope Francis and others)

Archbishop Sartain:1 pt

1. 5/23 letter to graduates in diocesan paper “Progress” (1 pt)

Also, no points, but I wasn’t aware of this interesting-looking book he published last year.

Next week vs. Fighting Saints, playing DiNardo, Farrell, Lori, sitting Sartain.


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