Zealous Zucchettos Week 3 (vs. Heresy Hunters)

This week I played Dolan, Gomez & Listecki, sitting O’Connell.  Next week I’m sitting Dolan…

Cardinal Dolan (4.25 points)

Three blog posts (3 points)
YouTube homily at Church of Holy Trinity in Poughskeepie celebrating parochial feast (1 point)
One Tweet (0.25 points)

Archbishop Gomez (3 points)

Column in The Tidings (1 point)
Statement applauding immigration reform passing Senate committee (1 point)
YouTube homily on Trinity Sunday (1 point)

ARCHBISHOP LISTECKI (at least 2 points-maybe 6)
Blog post sharing thoughts on 2013 priesthood ordinations (1 point)
Possible El Smackdown-announcing that a priest is leaving active ministry due to “failing to exercise good judgement in a relationship he has had with an adult woman.” (at least 1 point-hopefully 5)

TOTAL: At least 9.25 points, maybe 13.25.


One comment on “Zealous Zucchettos Week 3 (vs. Heresy Hunters)

  1. thelarryd says:

    That’s smackdown worthy. Full 5 points.

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