Acolytes, Week 4 (5/27-6/2), v. Fighting Saints

Looking for the first win of the season!  Will the Acolytes be Amazing and pull it off?

     Total: 19.5 or 21.5 or 22.5 or 24.5

Cardinal DiNardo: 5 or 8 pts

1. 5/28 blog post on upcoming Fortnight for Freedom (1 pt)

2. 5/31 blog post on the deaths of Houston firefighters (1 pt) – God have mercy on the souls of the dead.

3. I took points for this in a previous week, but here’s the commencement homily given by Cardinal DiNardo at TAC (text and audio).

4. Presiding at Exposition on 6/2, in conjunction with Pope Francis’s call for the world-wide hour of Adoration on the Sunday on which we celebrate Corpus Christi (3 pts, ump?)

5. Ordination Mass on 6/1 (3 pts)

Bishop Farrell: 9.5 pts

1. 5/29 blog post about priest convocation this week (1 pt)

2. 5/30 blog post about Bishop Lynch HS (1 pt)

3. 18 Tweets this week (4.5 pts)

4. Ordination Mass on 6/1 (3 pts)

Archbishop Lori: 5 or 7 pts

1. 5/30 Review article (1 pt)

2. 5/31 blessing of NFP fertility care center (3 pts)

3. 5/31 Vatican Radio interview about Fortnight for Freedom (1 or 3 pts?)

Next week, back to the top of the rotation, sitting DiNardo.



2 comments on “Acolytes, Week 4 (5/27-6/2), v. Fighting Saints

  1. thelarryd says:

    I’ll give you full value of public appearances in question. You get 24.5 points for the week.

    • archdeaconsmiter says:

      Thanks, Larry. My best score this year, but unfortunately I ran into the thresher this week!

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