Dubuque Fighting Saints Week 4 (v Almighty Accolytes)

What a week for the team, especially Archbishop Jackels as he was officially installed as the 10th Archbishop of DBQ. But Bishops Nickless & Malloy did their share as well. Bishop Morlino had the week off.

Next week Bishop Jackels will have the week off to rest up from this past week’s excitement.

Archbishop Jackels – 15 points Telegraph Herald Interview (note TH doesn’t show whole article unless you subscribe) – 3 points

Solemn Vespers @ St. Raphael Cathedral, 29 May (Once again the media shows it doesn’t get it as they called Archbishop Jackels’ homily an address to the priests) – 3 points

Installation Mass, 30 May – 3 points

Homily from Installation Mass (amazingly, the TH website actually lets you read it for free) – 1 point

5 Facebook entries (yes now that he is here in DBQ he is popping up on Facebook, or should I say, thanks to the Arch of DBQ, now has a Facebook presence?) – 5 points

Bishop Nickless – 10 points

Participated in Solemn Vespers for Archbishop Jackels Installation – 3 points

Participate in installation Mass for Archbishop Jackels – 3 points

(Note Diocesan website has already taken down May schedule)

4 Facebook posts – 4 points

Bishop Malloy – 20 points

Weekly radio show WROK, 24 May – 3 points

29 May, Confirmation, Our Lady of Good Council, Aurora – 3 points

30 May Commencement, Aurora – 3 points

31 May, Groundbreaking, New Chapel @ Crystal Lake – 3 points

31 May, Commencement, Crystal Lake – 3 points

(as I have pointed out before, Rockford Diocese doesn’t keep up events past date the occur)

5 Top o the Morning videos – 5 points

Total points – 45

As I said earlier, last week was a big week here in Dubuque as Archbishop Jackels begins his time as our Chief Shepherd. I got a chance to talk a few minutes with Archbishop Jackels after Vespers on 29 May. Didn’t have much time to talk as there were others who wanted to meet him. But I did find out a couple of interesting but unknown facts about his time as a priest in Lincoln under Bishop Brustkewitz who was on my team the 1st season.  Unfortunately, I was not able to talk with Bishop Nickless.

I did get my picture taken with Archbishop Jackels at the post Vespers reception. He was no longer wearing his Mitre, but he still was wearing his cope he had on during Vespers. As you can see, he was showing everyone how proud he is to be a part of the Fighting Saints. I am sure he will continue to perform well now that he is here in Dubuque & we will see how much he learned from Bishop Brustkewitz put into practice.



3 comments on “Dubuque Fighting Saints Week 4 (v Almighty Accolytes)

  1. archdeaconsmiter says:

    Well played, Al! (Love the picture with Archbishop Jackels.)

    • al007italia says:

      Grazie, What can I say? I knew this would be a big points week with the installation, but didn’t expect the added bonus of him starting to have posts on Facebook now that he is in DBQ.
      Hopefully you will get a win next week.

  2. Gregg the Obscure says:

    Nice, but confirmations don’t count.

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