2013 Season Week 4: Rocky Mtn. Hierarchs vs. Zealous Zuchettos

Abp. Chaput

<a href=http://ncronline.org/blogs/afternoon-americas-capuchin-heavyweights>Appearance at Capuchin chapter meeting</a>: 3 points; (great story btw)

<a href=http://catholicphilly.com/category/archbishop-chaput/archbishop-chaputs-schedule/>Ordination of a Capuchin priest in Denver suburb on 5/30</a> 3 points;

<a href=http://catholicphilly.com/category/archbishop-chaput/archbishop-chaputs-schedule/>Diocesan diaconate ordination on 6/1</a> 3 points;

<a href=https://www.facebook.com/ArchbishopChaput>two Facebook hoop-ti-dos</a>
Subtotal: 12 points.
Abp. Aquila
<a href=http://archden.org/repository/Documents/DCR/2013/DCR_05-22-13_website.pdf>Centennial Mass for Presentation Parish</a> 3 points
Subtotal 3 points

Bp. Conley

<a href=http://www.dioceseoflincoln.org/SouthernNeRegister/bcc/bcc053113.aspx#.UaYYkDWaXH0.twitter>diocesan newspaper column</a> 1 point;

<a href=http://www.dioceseoflincoln.org/SouthernNeRegister/dio/snr053113a.aspx>Corpus Christi procession</a> 3 points;

<a href=http://www.fsspolgs.org/seminary_news.html>FSSP ordinations on 6/1</a> 3 points;

Subtotal 7 points


Total 22 points


Next week’s lineup vs Crusading Croziers: Cdl. O’Malley, Abp. Chaput, Abp. Aquila with Bp. Conley on the bench.


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