2013 Season Week 5: Rocky Mtn. Hierarchs vs. Crusading Croziers

Religious Brothers’ Jubillee – 3 points;
Anniversary celebration of the Campaign for Catholic schools- 3 points;
Priests Convocation- 3 points;

blog post – 1 point.

Subtotal: 10 points.
Abp. Chaput
At http://catholicphilly.com/category/archbishop-chaput/archbishop-chaputs-schedule/ Commencement, Pope John Paul II High School – 3 points;
Commencement, West Catholic High School- 3 points;
Board Meeting of National Catholic Bioethics Center- 3 points;
USCCB Pro-Life Committee Meeting – 3 points;
At http://archphila.org/press%20releases/pr002182.php Statement re: legislation excluding some euthanasia from insurance plans – 1 point.
At https://www.facebook.com/ArchbishopChaput Six Facebook hoop-ti-dos – 1.5 points.
Subtotal 15.5 points
Abp. Aquila
Subtotal 1 point.
Weekly total 26.5 points. Probably missed it by that much.
Next week’s lineup vs. Dubuque Fighting Saints: Cdl. O’Malley, Abp. Chaput and Bp. Conley with Abp. Aquila on the bench.

2 comments on “2013 Season Week 5: Rocky Mtn. Hierarchs vs. Crusading Croziers

  1. thelarryd says:

    Actually, the Facebook posts are 1 point each, so you should add 4.5 point to Archbishop Chaput.

    Even without that correction, you still beat me. Well played, sir – well played.

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