Zucchettos – Week 5

Four Tweets this week (1 point)  

Young Adult Mass at St. Patrick’s Cathedral this past Wednesday (3 points)

Co-signer of Letter to G8 Nations (1 point)

Letter on immigration reform & abortion expansion (1 point)

Two blog posts (2 points)

TOTAL: 8 points

Column in The Tidings “Our Priests: Our Future” (1 point)
Ordination of some new men to the Permanent Diaconate (3 points)

TOTAL: 4 points

One special letter where Bishop O’Connell clarifies the Church’s position on Freemasonry (at least 1 point, maybe 5 if it counts as El Smackdown, perhaps as a “that means you” to some unnamed people)

TOTAL: At least 13 points, maybe 17…still not enough for the win.

Next week: Playing Dolan, O’Connell & Listecki…sitting Gomez.


One comment on “Zucchettos – Week 5

  1. thelarryd says:

    I’ll give you the 17 – more bishops need to be writing letters like that.

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