Acolytes, week 6 (6/10-16), rematch v. Crusading Croziers

Can the Acolytes be Amazing this week, and pull off the upset for their first win of the year?

Total score: 6

Cardinal DiNardo: 0 pts

1. nothing

Archbishop Lori: 2 pts

1. 6/13 column on Mother Lange (1 pt)

2. 6/16 op-ed in Baltimore Sun about religious freedom (1 pt)

Archbishop Sartain: 4

1. 6/13 column on he Fortnight for Freedom (1 pt)

2. blessing and groundbreaking for new Immaculate Conception parish church building – the photo is undated but given the date (7/13) of construction to commence, clearly recent, and wasn’t on the web last week. (3 pts)


Next week, Acolytes are on a bye week.  The following week, Sartain will sit v. Zuchettos.



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