Dubuque Fighting Saints week 7 (v Heresy Hunters)

This week I played Archbishop Jackels, & Bishops Nickless & Morlino. Bishop Malloy sat out.

Next week is my week off, but in 2 weeks Bishop Morlino will be resting.

I don’t know if it was just because Summer was starting, or the Bishops were just recovering from the USCCB gathering the week before, but there was very little going on.

Total points – 16

Archbishop Jackels – 3 points

Priests convocation, Dubuque, IA – 3 points

(Sorry but Witness does not publish online schedule)

Bishop Nickless – 2 points

2 Facebook posts – 2 points

Bishop Morlino – 11 points

20 June, lead Rosary for Fortnight of Freedom kickoff, State Street steps of Wisconsin Capitol Building, Madison – 3 points

23 June, Celebration of 25th Anniversary of ordination of Fr. Budnar  Mass – 3 points

Bishop’s schedule

5 Facebook posts – 5 points

It seems that more pictures are surfacing showing how the Bishops on my team are proudly proclaiming their being a part of the team.

One of those is this picture from the 24 May ordination of new priests for the Madison Diocese.

The young man behind the Bishop’s crozier looks like he  is thinking “Gee, I hope I can grow up to be a Bishop & play on the Fighting Saints!”



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